Riku Kylä is a active and widely trusted photographer and videographer. During the past three years the ongoing projects have lead Riku closer and closer with social media marketing. Today Riku has wide range of customers in both audiovisual arts and social media. While not working with camera, Riku can be found from Jyväskylä where he is studying at Tiimiakatemia subjects as entrepreneurship and team leading.

Riku produces images, still and moving, for individuals, and companies. During his active career Mr. Kylä has been working with large and small businesses, and is available globally. At the moment Riku has a ongoing project running a furniture store, Mööpeli Outlet, in Säynätsalo.

If you are in need of photographer for any case, please contact me. I'm always interested to do different kinds of photo and videographer projects. Also, I’m really looking into journalistic challenges, do you have one for me? ;) 

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